Hey Kiddos–

I am so happy to have gotten through graduation today. Although the ceremonies tend to drag a tad, the University was fairly efficient and got through the entire college of Business Administration in about two hours (which isn’t too bad when you consider there were 600+ graduates including Masters folks). It was pretty cool watching the Masters candidates get officially hooded for their Masters, and it was definitely nice being at Arco so our families could see us on the big screen even if they were sitting in a spot where they couldn’t get a good glimpse. My parents hosted a small family get together afterwards (maybe 20 or so people) and it was a blast! We had so much fun and it was so great getting together with all of my family. Although Chris couldn’t be there due to a soccer tournament conflict in LA, his family came to support me at graduation and came to the party to mingle with my family! It was a fantastically fun time all around. Here are some pictures from yesterday:




Newly-Minted Grad <3.

Mom & Sis

Mom & Sis

Shan & Nana 2

With Grandma!

Shan & Berna
BFF since 1986!

Happy Memorial Day weekend!


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