Inglorious Bastard.

No, I’m not referring to the orthographically-incorrect Inglourious Basterds that Brad Pitt is touting in Cannes right now. I’m referring to another inglorious bastard, the professor of my writing-intensive class. As is the case with most universities, they try to make us well-rounded individuals and accordingly, we have to take semi-BS classes like Race & Ethnicity (which I actually liked!), Recreation Management, or whatever else would help in making us well-rounded individuals. A British foreign exchange student that I became friends with over the semester commented on this. He said that he found it weird that we had to take these kinds of (irrelevant) classes to make us well-rounded at the University-level. Isn’t that what high school is for? (His words, not mine.) He has a point. Isn’t college the place we go to gain skills in our field of interest? The social aspect will come naturally to those that are social; for those that are there purely for school, then so be it. I think it’s awesome to offer all these classes in case people want to expand their knowledge or have a class that’s fun, but to FORCE us to fill our schedules with classes that are irrelevant to us is slightly absurd. In any case, I digress. Here’s the point: The writing-intensive class that I chose was a music class, American Society & its Music. Sounds cool, right? Wrong. Not cool. Not cool at all. I’ve come to the conclusion that they give the fun-sounding, cool names to the worst of classes to entice people. In any case, after writing six essays on various music-related prompts, attending two concerts and writing up reports and taking a midterm and a final, I ended up with a 92.7% in the class. 93% is an “A” and 90-92% is considered an A-. With this being the case, I of course emailed the professor explaining my grad school situation and asked if he would round my 92.7% up to a 93% to make it a solid A versus an A-. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but an A- is only 3.7 GPA points, whereas an A is a full 4 GPA points. He responded and said that he doesn’t round up. “Not even one-tenth of a point. Unless you get 93% or exceed expectations then you get what you get.” Hmmm… I can understand this logic to an extent, if the student isn’t really close and is trying to push grades up further than justifiable. OR perhaps if the student hasn’t really participated, in which case you would think that they didn’t put in all that much effort throughout the semester and musn’t have cared all that much. That’s not the case here! Although there’s nothing I can do about it at this point and I will have to live with an A- tarnishing my transcripts for this course, I think I’ll live. I just had to vent… What a dickhead.

The moral of the story: Don’t take classes that sound too fun. They probably aren’t.

Also, for anyone that cares — aside from a couple of A-minues (which I lump into the “A” category), I got straight A’s to round off my last semester! Sweeeeeeeeeeet! <3.


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