Bye-Bye Undergrad

Today is the last day of my undergraduate career. After studying incessantly for the last few weeks, I took a final last Wednesday, two on Monday and I’ll be completing my last one tonight (Consumer Behavior). It’s a bizarre feeling, really. I met with a degree evaluator and he has done me the courtesy of noting to confer my degree within the first few days post-graduation, so that LSE can obtain the relevant information and send me my visa letter so I can apply for a student visa in the UK (ahhh… the intricacies of studying overseas). Everything is finally falling into place and Saturday marks the official graduation ceremony at Arco Arena plus a small family get-together that my parents are hosting. Although I feel done and ready to go, I’m not particularly excited. In all honesty, if I had my way, I would not actually go to my graduation and just have a little reception/celebration. Sitting there for two-plus hours to be on stage for thirty seconds is a little much for me. My parents, however, do find value in the fact that I’m the first to graduate from college, and my grandma is ecstatic to be able to witness my graduation. I’m done! And on Saturday, I will be an official college graduate with the ability to put that on any work applications in the future. It’s nice to know that that will never be a hindrance again. Hallelujah <3.

For any other graduates out there, congratulations! It’s great to be done.
Now it’s time to go out and conquer the world.

Reminiscing on the fun of undergrad life:

Hil & I in Santa Cruz, 2008.

Hil & I in Santa Cruz, 2008.

Shannon & Lisa

Lisa & I at Tre with the C.G.'s


circa 2005

circa 2005


HLS Consulting at Kasbah

HLS Consulting at Kasbah


One of the first times Chris & I hung out! Summer 2006 <3.

One of the first times Chris & I hung out! Summer 2006 <3.


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