Upcoming Events!

Okay, okay, so I get that knowing about my personal upcoming events is fun (they can be found on the right hand column, if you’re interested!), but probably not vital to your existence. Although it’s doubtful that entertainment of any kind is vital to your existence at all, I think that going to fun or even educational events every so often can break up the monotony of the work-school-responsibilities cycle. So, for anyone that doesn’t already know about Upcoming, it’s a website hosted by Yahoo! to keep locals posted on fun (and maybe not-so-fun) events happening in your area. Although it typically defaults to find events based on your personal location, you can change the location and find out what’s going on anywhere! (For example, I’m trying to find out about what’s going on in London in the fall.) In addition to finding events, you can post events if you’re trying to generate some publicity for a cool event that may otherwise go unnoticed! It’s a cool little site and you can even browse events by category: Education, Family, Festivals, Music, etc. Definitely a nice way to find events to occupy otherwise uneventful weekends!

Peruse & Enjoy!



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