Hellish Week Ahead!

After finishing one final last night, I officially have three finals left until I am a college graduate. I feel pretty good about it, I must say, but this next week is going to be hellish. It’s imperative that I do really well on all of my finals to finish off this semester with a bang (yeah, straight A’s!) I am definitely on the B+/A- border in a couple of classes, though, so these final tests are going to make or break my grade. Unfortunately, with a the high GPA requirement for grad school, I only have one option — study ridiculously hard and kill my finals. Come next weekend, I will be able to breath a much-needed sigh of relief knowing that I am done with my semester and going off to grad school in the fall!

I am still waiting on a couple of things though to be able to solidify my place for the coming year:

1) Housing! I applied for housing about 3+ weeks ago and I still haven’t heard back from the admissions/housing staff. I applied for Northumberland, Grosvenor and High Holborn as my main choices and I am desperately hoping that I get ONE of them! They’re all within close walking distance (<10 minutes) from campus.

2) MONEY! God, I hate money. Actually, let me rephrase — I like having money, I hate owing money. And boy, do I owe A LOT for the coming year. About 25,000 GBP ($40,000) that I am going to have to have by September to cover my tuition, cost of living, etc. I am still waiting for my loans to be processed by LSE at which point I will convert it all to GBP to follow the increasing (boo!) exchange rate so I don’t lose more money! Let me also say, I am still desperately (secretly) hoping that I magically get some scholarship. Even a small one.

Also, I brought up the semi-bizarre idea of having a fundraiser. Is that unethical? Having a fundraiser for an individual? I mean I need funds and if I could raise them, that wouldn’t be so awful… right?

Wish me luck!



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