Oktoberfest 2009!


It is official! I have booked my plane ticket to Munich for Oktoberfest 2009! I will be going with a  group of new friends during the latter part of September (24-27th) to spend a few days in Germany before heading back to reality for the start of the school year! We’re staying at a cool little place called The Tent, which is literally a tent site to camp out on the cheap (around $10 a night!) Although there are some more sophisticated options, tents are pretty inexpensive and apparently there are loads of people to meet there! Considering everyone under the European sun will be in Munich during September/October, the prices are exorbitant anyway (hello, supply & demand!) so it seems like a good way to save some cash and spend it on more worthwhile items! Also, what does one wear to said event? I’m assuming it’ll still be warm outside in September? Maybe that’s too much of an assumption…

So pumped! Still have to book my flight to London in September.

Looks like I’ll be leaving the States on the 17th. Goodbye, Sunny California.

Also — still looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. If anyone has any ideas, drop me a line <3.


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