Disappointment on the Funding Front…

Alright, so let me preface this with the fact that I’m still overjoyed that I was accepted to the LSE. It’s an amazing institution — I’m totally 100% aware of that. Now let me say how disappointed I am to find out that I didn’t get any grant-type funding from the school. I had planned on taking out loans to fund my education, but after finding out that they have a certain amount of money to allocate to students through their Graduate Support Scheme (GSS), I was really, truly hopeful! They state that they grant between 2000 – 10,000 GBP for students with financial need & circumstances that merit grant money. Well, let me say — I definitely could use the funds based on the “financial need” criteria, but I think I may have applied a bit late. The funds are limited and with the economy being as crappy as it is, I know that everyone and their mom is applying for funding. Boo. I re-sent some valuable information with the hopes that I’ll be able to acquire SOME funding (anything!!), but I won’t know for a bit… Cross your fingers for me! $40,000 is a decent chunk to have to pay back in loans…

Anyone know of any scholarships or funding that I can apply for?

Shannon needs MONEY! <3.


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