Who Really Needs Two Kidneys Anyway?


After spending yesterday evening at a National Kidney Foundation-sponsored dinner, I had an opportunity hear the story of a kidney recipient who, at 41 years old, had her kidneys fail completely after an infection had spread. Her brother was the one that came to her rescue — a living donor who was tested (to see if he was a match) and donated one of his kidneys to offer her a normal life. A happy, fairytale story in this case.

Fortunately, since most of us have two functioning kidneys, we can legitimately donate one and share our little detox buddies with those in need. 52% of kidneys that are used for transplant patients are from living donors — that’s an amazingly high number! Family and friends make up the majority, but altruistic strangers come into play as well. I have been considering doing a living organ donation at some point (not any time in the super near future). There are various organs that can be donated to help make men, women and even children’slives more normal and fulfilling. Currently, there are about 83,000 people waiting for kidney transplants and around 15,000 waiting for partial liver transplants, with the number of liver transplants expected to soar to around 70,000 by 2010 due to the high rate of Hep C (boo!). The number of people who donate partial livers is still relatively low; the procedure is still pretty rare but adult-to-adult transplants have definitely been successful. Although it would be hard for most of us to voluntarily part with our organs, it’s an awesome thing for the recipients on the waiting list. For the majority of donors and recipients, the donation process is free of complications and, due to modern technology, the risk of rejection is very minimal! If being a living donor seems a tad excessive (understandable), consider putting the pink “donor” sticker on your Driver’s License in case of an accident — after all, those perfectly healthy organs could benefit a person in need!  

Read all about being a living kidney donor or a partial liver donor here! Worth a look :)

Consider participating in a walk for a foundation dedicated to finding donors for those waiting for kidneys, livers and other vital organs. Fundraising is a vital step in helping generate the funds to help those in need and assist with preventative measures in our communities.

If you want to join my team, Paul’s Partners, for the National Kidney Walk taking place in Sacramento on June 13th — sign up here! If you don’t feel like a 5K walk, consider donating to the cause! <3.

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  1. hi i m mohd Dabeer age 26 wanna donate ny kidney as i m needed for the money if some one who accept my kidney o group non alcoholic conatact me 919335844348


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