Eurail Passes Revealed!

Eurail Network

Eurail Network

Okkkaayyy… being that I plan on doing quite a bit of traveling once I arrive in Europe this fall, I have done a fair amount of research on how to get the most for my money. Fortunately, Europe boasts a wonderful public transportation system (although they complain about it!) and it’s fairly inexpensive for the sights you will get to see. Now, the thing that becomes problematic with the Eurail pass is there are too many options! It’s like being at Starbucks! There are country passes based upon how many countries you want to see, plus you can choose whether you want those passes to work for consecutive days or if you’d prefer to have a certain quantity of days to use within a given period (3 weeks, 2 months, etc). The Global pass, which is the greatest for people wanting to travel throughout Europe, gives the pass holder access to 21 different countries that are part of this scheme! So here’s a little run down of this Eurail madness:

Flexipass: This type is my personal favorite. Instead of purchasing a consecutive period of travel (see below), you can purchase a certain amount of days within a larger time period (i.e. 15 travel days within a 3 month window, etc.) During this time, you can go to any of the listed destinations and stay as long as you want! Also, a day of travel is a 24 hour period– not one JOURNEY, so you could theoretically visit TWO countries if you went during the single day period. This is a pretty cool option if you want to hang out and see the sights!

* Consecutive Pass: This is a great option if you’re visiting Europe for an allotted time period (1 month, for example). You can purchase a pass from 15 days to 3 MONTHS! During this allotted period you can travel as much as you want. Show your pass, hop on and go anywhere you want. If you want to hit up as many countries as possible within a short (15 day or 21 day) period, this is probably your best bet!

You can download a RailPass Worksheet courtesy of Rick Steves and plan out your European vacation here! You’ll be able to see if it’s better for you to buy a PASS or to buy tickets as you go! Also, for most tickets (this goes for most public transportation over there!) tickets are non-refundable. If they are refundable, they will typically charge a service fee (i.e. 15% or $20 administrative fee, etc.) so make sure you choose wisely! Additionally, courtesy of Rick Steves (again!), here’s a map on the cost of travel between cities with the associated travel times!

Remember, with all of these passes — if you’re UNDER 26 (according to your passport!) you get some sweet deals! It’s significantly cheaper than normal adult rates, so make sure to take advantage of being considered “Youth” at 25!

If you need help on navigating the world of Rail, check out Eurail’s website online and read up! There are options for everyone, depending on how you want your journey to work. If you’re looking to get the best deal possible, do a little research — it’ll most definitely pay off!

Happy Travels,


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