Saintly Slip-ons!


I love shoes.

In fact, I recently had to make a promise to myself to stop buying shoes so I could save my money to fund my impending journey across the pond (education > fashion, I guess…) In any case, I have recently (thanks to a friend) discovered a way to give back to the world through investing in new shoes! Thusly, I feel duly justified in adding to my closet! There is a fantastic company, TOMS Shoes, that sells vegan and canvas shoes for men, women and children. On top of the fact that they’re vegan– this is the best part! — they run an ongoing campaign called One for One which provides a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes that is purchased! So far, they’ve given 140,000 pairs of shoes to children in need with the help of consumers like us. It’s an amazing thing, and every pair purchased will help a child protect their feet from wounds and potential infection. Help a child (and your closet!) out by visiting TOMS Shoes online and snagging a pair for yourself and your family. Best of all, you’ll know that you’re doing something amazing for a child in need — is there anything better than that?

You can check out the video here and see how your purchase can help those in need!



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