Mixin’ It Up <3.


Soooo…. after a long paper and presentation-filled week, I headed out last Thursday evening for a fun night out with some friends at Sacramento’s Mix downtown. One of my girlfriends has raved about this place since its fairly recent opening, but Thursday was my very first experience with the hot spot. I am not a huge clubber; I’m definitely much more fond of comfortable lounge environments and Mix definitely fits the bill! The place is a little tucked away on L between 15th & 16th and it’s right above de Vere’s Irish Pub, which is also a new addition to Sacramento’s scenery! The place was, indeed, very hipster chic. Although there was a definite mix of people from local college students to downtown’s corporate folks, everyone blended well. You could definitely dress it up or keep it fairly casual chic and still fit in (although I believe there isa dress code; no tennies and gross denim — it doeshave to keep up its hipster reputation, afterall!) The drinks were delish (although a little weak) and they offered small bites in lieu of full dinners (perfect for a lounge!) Aside from the range of indoor seating, there’s also a fun little area outside with fire pits for cooler evenings. There is a small dance floor for the people that just haveto shake it after a few drinks, but the place manages to keep the club vibe to a minimum, which I LOVE! I’ll definitely be heading down there again with friends; very comfortable and very cool. It also seems like an awesome place for single Sacramentans to meet people; tons of fun & most definitely worth a gander! Keep in mind, it’s only open Tuesday through Sunday from 4:30P on, so if you’re into starting your week off right with Monday night drinks, this place will NOT be on your list — maybe de Vere’s for that!

Ta-ta dah-lings,


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