Bites for Girls on the Go!


I am constantly on the go! Between work, school, gym, meetings & family events, my days are just jam-packed with fun! I never have time for a real breakfast during the week & I usually eat lunch on-the-go as well. Dinner is the only meal I will occasionally get to eat at home, but even that’s rare event. For everyone that’s in a similar situation, I’ve found that there are a number of on-the-go bites that are delicious and nutritious. I am grossed out by the thought of eating greasy  fast food, so I try to pack snacks that are portable and healthy. Some of my favorite things to eat, whilst on the run:

Prepped Oatmeal :: I am a huge lover of oatmeal (my boyfriend thinks its absolutely gross)! I lovethe plain kind so I can doctor it up with whatever goodies I want. Way less sugar & still good! I usually take a Ziploc bag filled with a serving (1/2 c.) of oatmeal, some cinnamon, a tidbit of protein powder & a couple of packets of Splenda. When I get to work, I pour it in a bowl, fill it with water and pop in the microwave! Easy & nutritious!  

* Fiber One & LUNA bars ::I keep touting these bad boys, but they really are great! The Fiber One Chocolatefiber-one Mocha are my favvooorite. They have loads of fiber and only 140 calories. Love it! They don’t have much protein though, so if you’re looking for something with a good amount of protein, I would go for a Zone bar or Muscle Milk bar — also delish <3.

* Baby Veggies :: Mainly baby carrots for me. I buy the little bags at Safeway and keep them with me to snack on. You can buy a number of pre-packed veggies and keep em with you. Just make sure not to leave them in the heat. Yuck.

strawberries* Fruit! :: I’m obsessed with fruit — apples, nectarines, strawberries, grapes; all fruits are my friend. I also love that fruit tends to be super portable. You can throw the whole thing in your purse and be ready to rock. Alternately, you can slice em up, put them in a Ziploc and be on your way (I don’t do this because I hate when my fruit turns brown!) Also, if you’re super lazy (or just super busy!) you can stop by the grocery store and get the pre-sliced and packaged stuff. Those things were MADE for people like us!

* Suncakes :: These little heart-shaped energy bars are vegan and they are heaven sent! They’re hard to come by, but those who do carry them typically carry an assortment of flavors. My favorite is the Raisin Spice. Mmm!

Those are typically my favorite things to take on the go. I also like to keep things like hummus, cottage cheese doubles & light yogurt in a fridge at work so I can easily grab something when I’m starved (helps stave off the runs to the nearby convenience store!) I also find that since I drive around a lot for work, I’ll end up being super hungry on the way back from a long trip with no prepared food (oops!) In these cases, I will either stop by a gas station and grab a bar or I will stop by an oh-so-evil fast food joint! (Aaaaahhh!!) I am VERY discerning about my fast food picks (I use the term “fast food” broadly here) and there are only a handful of places that I will stop. Here’s my run down of good fast food picks:

                                                     * McDonald’s Fyogurt-parfaitruit ‘n Yogurt Parfait :: Okay, these things are absolute life-savers for me. They’re delicious (it’s got to be the best yogurt EVER!) and they’re only 130 calories if you don’t put in the granola (which I don’t!) Even with the crunch, you’ll only add 30 calories. They’re not super big, but they’re big enough to keep me full until I reach my destination. Also, if you need a pick-me-up, try McDonald’s Sugar-Free Vanilla Iced Coffee! Only 90 calories in a medium & they are amazing! You’ll be surprised.

* Starbucks Spinach & Feta Wrap :: These are one of my favorite breakfast items. They taste amazing (it’s the feta!) and they’re pretty decent sized! They usually keep me full all morning and they’re only 240 calories — not too bad!

* Panera Cheese & Egg Breakfast Sandwich :: I only allow myself to have these once in a great while, but they are THE best breakfast sandwiches I’ve ever had (although many people beg to differ!) The cheese (white cheddar) and egg (no meat!) is amazing; I think their homemade bread makes the difference. These bad boys pack about 370 calories though, so eat sparingly :)

That’s it for me — if one of those places isn’t in sight, then I’ll grab a water and keep on truckin! Luckily McDonald’s has taken over the universe so typically I can snag a Fruit n’ Yogurt parfait anywhere in the world and that makes me happy. I am making a concerted effort to PACK my snacks in advance though — definitely the best option to have healthy eats nearby and save some cash!

Does anyone else have on-the-go grabs worth mentioning?

Happy Eats,

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  1. Posted by Lisa on April 15, 2009 at 7:10 AM

    So we ALWAYS have food stashed in the car, purse, backpack, etc. This is called code red food!


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