Ahhh… Easter.


I’ve always had the most mixed feelings about Easter. I think this probably stems from childhood. I was very conditioned; I knew that if Easter was approaching that too meant that I would have to wear some lace-lined dress or maybe (if I was really lucky!) even something with a splash of velvet. My sister & I always ended up looking like matching cupcakes. Cupcakes on Easter egg hunts. There’s another thing that’s always struck me as weird about about Easter. I attended a Christian school growing up so I was fed all of the information about Easter’s religious foundation, and thusly associated Easter with Jesus-related arts and crafts. I never quite understood why we decorated Easter eggs & ate chocolate bunnies to commemorate that — odd, right? I still look forward to my Cadbury eggs and chocolate crosses nonetheless.

 Regardless of what Easter is and what it was founded on, I always think of it as another day that I get to spend with my fantastic family. I volunteered to concoct our annual Easter dinner this year, so I have carefully chosen a few delicious recipes (one that non-vegetarian) and will be making a feast for six! Here’s a run-down of my Easter dining; check out some of these recipes — delish!

– Lamb Sliders :: Yes, not a vegetarian dish, but since lamb (sadly) is a traditional part of Easter dinner, I have chosen a variation on the traditional lamb dish (which has gotten monotonous for the carnivores); this one involves caramelized onions and a homemade tzatziki sauce!

Sweet Potato Crisps :: I had to include sweet potatoes some how! Sweet potatoes are my most FAVORITE food and I have recently noticed that sweet potatoes are the side dish of choice for lamb sliders — perfection! Sweet potatoes with a dash of salt or cayenne.

Gorgonzola Mashed Potatoes ::  Mashed red potatoes with Gorgonzola, garlic & crumbled veggie bacon! Mmmmm….  

Sauteed Wild Mushrooms with Spinach :: Sauteed wild mushrooms with spinach, garlic and soy sauce. The vegetarian in me has to help the others branch out :)

Hope everyone has an amazing Easter!

Lots of Love,

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