Time for a Tea Party?


For anyone that lived through the fourth grade, I can confidently say that we all learned about (and maybe even remember) the Boston Tea Party of 1773. People were appropriately pissed. Taxation without Representation — remember that business? With tax day (the glorious 15th of April) fast approaching, many people are feeling the crunch. And now, with even more taxes being levied on Californians: a new gas tax, taxes on cigarettes being tripled, proposed taxes on sugar, salt and everything else under the sun, people are getting a little pissed (once again). Many perturbed citizens have rallied together to protest being taxed to death; fittingly, many have dubbed these protests/gatherings “tea parties” as they are quite reminiscent of their 1773 predecessor. Sure, the Boston Harbor (thus far) has not been inundated with tea, and patriots have not gone so far as to wield rage-filled tomahawks, but the comparisons are still palpable. The Wall Street bailout, the stimulus package and a load of other proposed bills have effectively massacred America in a new way. 

It may not be taxation without representation, per se, but many have complained that it’s taxation without sufficient representation. Many a law is being levied, but when do we get to protest? When do we get to say no to paying taxes on salt, sugar, coffee, etc? Perhaps we accept sin taxes for what they are and digest the fact that a tax on cigarettes is potentially better for the livelihood of America. Are we now ready to admit that sugar is, too, a sin? How about a tax on your raw sugar? Your cookies and candy? After all, obesity is continuing to soar in America, so what better way to put an end to this sinful sugar consumption than by levying even MORE taxes? I suppose the government has finally realized that they have the divine right to help Americans live the way that they should live (at least however they deem appropriate for now). So, if reduced consumption of sugar, cigarettes, coffee and gas are on the list and we will finally live in a perfect, organic world…. man, Davis & Berkeley are going to be over-crowded with bike-riding hippies in no time. I gotta run — my Birkenstocks are on hold.


PS. Happy Tax Day <3.



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