A “Grand” Event <3.

My Nana.

My Nana.

Since my grandpa passed away two and a half weeks ago, I’ve found myself searching for activities to get my grandmother involved with. Of course there are church activities, widow/bereavement groups, pinochle get-togethers and senior socials, but my grandma happens to be exceptionally shy. She’s very quiet around new people and although I think she would love engaging in activities with others, going by herself would be very nerve-wracking for her. If given the option, she would rather just stay at home by herself and crochet. That being said, I have tried relentlessly to find activities in the greater Sacramento area that cater to grandparents AND grandchildren, together; an organization that coordinates events, activites, lunches, etc. that a grandparent and grandchild could participate in together.  I can imagine that my grandma isn’t the only grandparent that’s too shy to get out and meet people after such a devastating loss and I would think that having that additional family member for an extra dose of support would make the events extraordinarily fun! That being said, there are no such organizations in the area that do anything like this and since I want it done, I think I may end up coordinating something small in our community.

Ideally, this could be a weekly or bi-weekly get together with different events at different times during the week. I’m thinking card games/board games, short-distance trips (Apple Hill in the fall, etc.), arts & crafts, light exercise, a senior citizen prom, etc. Either way, I think it’s worth giving a shot and would be invaluable to the senior citizens in the area. I think, personally, that if I were to go with my grandma and introduce her to other grandparents looking to make friends, she would more easily adapt and interact knowing that I’m there as backup. Also, aren’t grandparents always trying to show off their grandkids?

I’ll be working on this idea for the next little bit to get started in the next couple of months and I’ll keep everyone posted as I develop some fun days! I’m hoping to get this started sooner rather than later as I would like to start getting her involved. My biggest concern is getting the word out to people. If any of you have grandparents that you would legitimately concidering bringing to activities like this, PLEASE let me know — I seriously want to start something!

Much love,


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  1. Posted by Sylvia on March 23, 2009 at 7:22 PM

    What a great granddaughter you are Shannon!! I’m wondering if it’s going to take some time for her to get through the grieving process. I can’t imagine being away from someone who’s been my partner for most of my life! Your Nanna is a super sweet and kind person. Adorable to say the least!! I’m sure being with her grandchildren brings her joy.

    Please give her my love.


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