Malta, here I come!

After holding my grandfather’s memorial yesterday and meeting so many amazing Maltese people, I cannot WAIT to head over to Malta later this year or early next year. Considering I will be a short four hours from the island, it seems logical that I’d be able to make it over there for a three or four day stint. I snagged an academic calendar off of the internet which I think should be pretty accurate when I’m there (although I still have to verify!):

Autumn Term
28 September – 11 December

Spring Term
8 January – 19 March
19 April – 18 June

19 June – September

Obviously, a chunk of that break time is dedicated to studying & writing papers, but some of it will definitely be used for exploring. March might be a nice month for a trip over to Malta, Sicily & Italy — take note, Staci & Stefanie! I definitely want to take a trip to see Mosta (where my grandpa was born) and Qormi (where my mom was born), but what else should we be visiting? For those of you that have been to Malta or have lived (or currently live) there… what are your suggestions?

Thanks for the suggestions — can’t wait to see my Maltese family sometime soon!



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  1. Posted by Sylvia on March 23, 2009 at 7:17 PM

    Shannon, my dad is from Mellieha, which is the northern part of Malta. The beach there is a amazing! It’s called Mellieha Bay. However, going in March, it might be a bit too cold to hang out at the beach for sure. You will have a blast! I love Malta like crazy! I’m going back next summer for sure!!

    Love you



  2. Ooohh yay! If you’re going next summer, maybe we can meet up! I’ll be in England so a little trip down to Malta wouldn’t be out of the question <3.


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