It’s officially official <3.

I just had the opportunity to speak with one of the coordinators at the University of Bristol about getting documents to acquire a student visa to study in England, and I sent her a scanned version of my acceptance! Bristol it  is! — I’m definitely more than excited but incredibly nervous at the same time. I can’t believe I’m going to actually be leaving my family, boyfriend and friends for an entire YEAR! Considering how fast this year has gone thus far, I’m betting on the fact that my year in England will go by equally fast with the studying and traveling. Also, I am infinitely thankful for technology (Skype, MySpace, AIM, email, etc.) that will inevitably allow me to keep in touch with my California loves every day. Thank God!! I cannot WAIT to see the world and chronicle everything for posterity :)

Oh, and a shout out to Laura for hooking me up with a phone and a flat iron that work in the UK — you’re the best!


My home-to-be.

My home-to-be.



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