Classy Carmel.

I’m fortunate enough to be in Carmel this weekend and the weather could NOT be nicer (think 70-75, clear skies and shining sun)! Since my boyfriend has been golfing maniacally, I have been doing a lot of solo exploring for the past day and have done a lot of (window)shopping and perusing of the quaint seaside town. Yesterday, I grabbed the GPS and tried to follow the mini-map through unknown territory and ended up in Monterey at a fantastic little shopping center where I snagged a bunch of cool stuff at Banana Republic (including a Victoria Beckham-inspired sheath that I’m obsessed with!) and Williams-Sonoma. Today I took a jaunt down Highway 1 for the heck of it and pulled off every few miles to catch a awe-inspiring glimpse of the beach. I also did a little shopping on Ocean Avenue (Hilary, if you’re reading: “this is Ocean Avenue,dah-ling!”)  at a cute little boutique where I caught up with the sales & snagged some cool duds on the cheap. I also snuck a peak inside Louis Vuitton, Bottega Venetta and Tiffany & Co, but dared not enter due to the fact that temptation was too great. My mom’s birthday happens to be tomorrow so I have (legitimately) been trying to find her an amazing gift, but somehow I end up off track and hitting up the likes of Anthropologie… ah well.  

Tomorrow we may take our sun-worshipping butts down to Big Sur to check out the weather and the hiking (it’s supposed to be Grade A all around!) If I can be honest, I’m mainly pulling for Big Sur because Rachel Ray, one of my most favorite wanna-be friends, did a special on the town and it seemed fantastic. My only recollection of the place is from last summer when Hilary and I stopped in to get gas and ended up paying $5.20ish a gallon at a snazzy Shell station when it was going for $3.50 in Sacramento. It was jaw-dropping to say the least, but I feel like it deserves a second chance since Rachel says so.


Carmel <3.

Carmel <3.

I’ll catch up tomorrow. Ta-ta for now, dah-lings. 


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