Details, Details, Details!

So, I have officially decided to go to Bristol for university next year, which requires that I send in my official signed confirmation attesting to the fact that I have enough poundage to pay. That’s Step 1. Now I actually have to secure student loans — I signed the form, but I’m still working on this part! Hah!
Also, this is the fun stuff that I’ve never had to deal with before:
  • I have to acquire a Student Visa (which I’ve started filling out)
    FYI, for anyone that has never done this before & is planning on doing it — holy! It’s page after page of attesting to the fact that you don’t engage in, think about, have nightmares about or know anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone that’s seen somone involved in terrorist activities. It’s a good thing, I know, but cumbersome to say the least.
  • I have to find housing! I’ve opted for private accommodation which means that although I’ll be saving some cash by not paying the school $600 a month for a half-assed flat with one bathroom per five people (!!), I’ll also have to find roommates. Now this is the process that I’m a little frightened about. I’ve talked with two girls (both undergraduates) looking for roommates but the closest I get to knowing these people is browsing their facebook. And let’s be honest, that’s not necessarily the most ACCURATE interpretation of oneself, but I digress. This is a big step & I need to get on it. If anyone has done anything like this before, share the knowledge <3.
  • I have to figure out the money thing. Now this is a rather broad area. I have to really figure out the money thing in terms of converting my money into sterling so it’s useful. I’ll be opening a bank account with Barclay’s but I’m not entirely sure how all the money transfers without charging me an arm and a leg for everything under the sun. I would like to (ideally) take all my money with me and have it be a nice clean transfer. As I write this, the exchange rate is about $1.429/GBP. Hopefully it will stay between $1.40 and $1.45. Cross your fingers for me!

Now, I know there are a million other things that are of some importance — getting my gym membership taken care of, getting my Skype working perfectly so I can talk with people (shannonelizabeth09) and the like, but I think these things definitely take priority!


I’ll make sure to post my new mailing address once I’ve settled my living situation so everyone can send me handcrafted thinking-of-you cards
on a regular basis And if you send me your mailing
address, you may even get a postcard in mail!




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