Bargain Book!

Shannon Elizabeth’s New BFF.

Please — if Paris Hilton can have a new one every day, why can’t I?
I was gifted $25 in Hornet Bookstore money for Christmas and needed to use a bit up after spending a whopping $3.15 on test supplies. After browsing the Travel section, I was lucky enough to stumble upon the most amazing European travel book! For only $16 ($18 if you’re Canadian), I got the coolest manual on how to travel Europe on the cheap. It covers every country in alphabetical order and touches on where to stay (the cheapest & best hostels and hotels in the area), where to eat, sights that are worth seeing (and sights that are overrated!) and how much you can plan on spending on any given day. It also comes with sample itineraries depending on how much time you’re planning on spending in a given country (3 days, 1 week, 3 weeks, a couple of months, etc.) and includes maps of the national transportation in different countries. Amazing, I tell you. Worth every penny — and what a steal when compared to the $30 book that was sitting right next to it! I’m in love — I sleep with it next to my bed.
I think my boyfriend’s getting jealous!
For anyone that’s travelling Europe — and wants to do it on the cheap — it’s called
Let’s Go! Europe 2008. Check out their website, too!


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  1. […] twelve-plus months, and am slowly putting the finishing touches on my carry-on. As I put away my Let’s Go Europe book and zipped up a pouch of toiletries, it dawned on me: I am leaving the United States in […]


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