Brilliant Bristolian Bliss.

I’m sitting in the Sacramento Airport right now waiting for my flight down to San Diego & thought this would be the perfect opportunity to update my blog with pictures & info on our trip to Bristol this past Friday!
Bristol was an awesome (beautiful!) town, the university is spread out like a small city (occupying converted homes, basically) and it soooo cute & amazing. There’s an amazing museum, an old town from the 1300s, and a great shopping area. I love, love, LOVE it!

The university-owned buildings where classes take place; only 30ish students were accepted into the entire program so the classes are tiny! (10-15 kids, typically).

Part of the University (the Law School, I believe.)

I have tons more to upload but I’m getting ready to board for SD.
Tune in later for more… :)



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