Lovely London!

Days Two through Four.
Alright… so a little catching up to do. Let me preface this with the fact that I haven’t had internet for the past few days — not only is it not free at most hotels, a lot of them don’t actually offer it (saddening). In any case, I have managed to steal it from a neighboring pub for now <3.
Sooooo, Tuesday was fantastic! Dad & I made our way to Chester (near North Wales) to visit the medieval town per the suggestion of a tour guide at Manchester Cathedral. Chester has been the cutest town ever! The rows are streets are medieval (think 1100s, 1200s, 1300s) that are used as modern-day shoppes. Darling! AND, the Cathedral in Chester was PHENOMENAL! We thought Manchester’s was great, but this thing was unbelievably out of this world. Pictures can’t do it justice, but here are some snapshots anyway:

Streets of Chester <3.

Amazingly beautiful cathedral. Early 1200s-ish.

Unlike Tuesday, Wednesday was not so brilliant.
We spent the day in Birmingham looking at the University, interviewing with the admissions team and exploring the (awful) city. Hands down, from what I’ve seen thus far, the armpit of England. Let me first say that the people at the University were VERY nice, very cordial, but still…  it couldn’t save the city… Not scenic. Not historic. Very industrial. It’s sort of the Modesto of England. On top of that, my dad & I ended up getting lost in this god-forsaken town and walking around at night in the snow fearing that we were going to be the victims of a knifing.
Luckily we made it back to our oh-so-lovely hotel for dinner & drinks. The best part of Birmingham was catching the train out of town. Pics below are of the most beautiful part of the university… nothing else was worth seeing :)
** As a side note, I would like to mention that I was, in fact, forewarned by my dear friends Stuie, Rob & Andy that Birmingham is a sh*thole, I just thought it was an exaggeration… Hah. Next time I’ll listen! **

(Above) Me faking a smile.
I’m really thinking, “fuck, this place is cold as shit & smells like onions.”
Thursday (today) brought us smiles for sure. We got into London today & the day has been jam-packed and amazing from start to finish! We dropped our stuff off at our hotel and ran back out to catch the tube to do some sight seeing.

Houses of Parliament above. We were able to get in and listen to a debate going on inside!

Big Ben!

Last stop of the afternoon — Westminster Abbey. Probably the most amazing sight I have ever seen/experienced in my life! We got to see where kings & queens were crowned, where King Henry, Mary Queen of Scots & Geoffrey Chaucer (and too many other amazing, influential people to name!) were buried. We couldn’t take pictures inside, unfortunately, but the sights were astoundingly breathtaking. There was too much to actually take in, but it was definitely unforgettable & amazing!!

I still have to upload photos, but we took a jaunt down to Buckingham Palace (so we could say we’d seen it) around 7P. No Westminster Abbey, but the palace is quite a sight!

Note to travelers under 26 :: Let them know that you’re a youth traveller!!
I saved £3 on the entrance fee :)

I’m in love with London & the amazing people of England.

Off to Bristol tomorrow!


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