Airport Extravanganza

So, check out this amazement:

It’s currently 7:49A and I’ve been up for about two and a half hours. Let me explain.
I get a call at 5:30A from an 800 number. My first assumption is that it’s US Airways confirming my flight or that there’s some new wake-up call service that I was unfamiliar with (which oddly calls at 530A?… Not sure).
Of course, I check my voicemail to make sure & and verify that it’s not Hollywood Video letting my know that “21” is 56 days overdue.

Well, my charming voicemail (automated, of course) lets me know that my flight from Philadelphia to Manchester this evening has been cancelled and that I should call the airline if I would like to make alternate arrangements. (!!!) Really? If I would like to make alternate arrangements? Well considering I’m flying to ENGLAND — YES! I would like alternate arrangements. And I would like those arrangements to get me to my friggin destination on time! I check US Airways only to find out that skies are clear in San Francisco, Philadelphia & Manchester (and at this point I’m pissed because my flight was likely cancelled due to the small number of people flying).

So, I call US Airways to reschedule, of course. And the not-so-helpful or truthful lady tells me, “Ooohhh… no, you’re fine. Everything’s on schedule and your flights aren’t cancelled.” Well, hmm. Does that seem odd to anyone else? I asked her the same rhetorical question… “Does that seem odd to you that they would call me and let me know that my flight has been cancelled if it really hasn’t??” She said that did seem odd, but it was all good. Goodbye.

Well… not goodbye. I log in to US Airways online again and check the flight status. Flight from Philadelphia to Manchester = CANCELLED. WTF?!!! So, I call back. And the lady this time (who WAS helpful) had me wait for 20ish minutes before she finally said, “here’s the deal — your flight has been cancelled. If you can be on a 9A flight, I can get you to Philadelphia and send you to Gatwick in London. From there I’ll have tickets waiting for you on British Airways to get you to Manchester by noon.” Sweet! (It’s nearly 630A by this point.) Accordingly, I grab my new confirmation #, grab my dad, pack our shit and run out the door. Luckily we got to SFO by 705A and got checked in. We find out during check in that the flight was cancelled due to a plane malfunction & necessary maintenance. I’m simultaneously happy that we’re not on THAT plane (I prefer my planes to be functioning) and curious as to whether “plane malfunction” is code for “we didn’t enough passengers and we don’t want to piss people off by telling them the truth.” In any case, we’re now sipping Peet’s coffee at Gate 27 waiting for our flight to Philadelphia.

Oh glorious morning.
Off to a great start.


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