Needy Bitch.

Okkkayyyy… So apparently I’m needy. Not in a bad way, but there are definitely a few things I need to invest in prior to the big move in September. Also, I have a goal of saving some serious cash to allow me to travel & shop once I’m there! I figure with $7-8K, I should be okay to do a few things and enjoy my stay. And perhaps that money can help with books & the like.

So, the things that I “need” (I use that term very loosely):

1. Gloves. I have just purchased a pair of leather gloves that will work, but I have been dying for a pair of cut-out gloves (think Ralph Lauren Fall08/Winter09 collection). I have justified by saying that I need them for warmth although that has very little to do with it.

2. Scarves! This is a legit “need”. The extra warmth will more than likely be necessary and in addition, I’ve wanted to get in the hang of wearing scarves. Urban has a bunch of sassy ones that I think I may invest in although I think with scarves, the more really is the merrier. Who can have too many scarves, really? Need enough to go with any outfit. As of this moment my top choices are black, white and some versatile primary: red, perhaps?

3. Hermes Birkin or YSL Muse Bag. This is as pretentious and lame as it gets, but since it’s really not like me to ask for something this ostentatious, I figured now is the time, if there is any. Keep in mind, replicas are what I’m looking at (good ones!) I have been fantasizing about the Birkin bag since forever, but after seeing the YSL bag, I find it to be equally tantalizing. Birkin’s numero uno, but either would be beautiful. In black, of course. My signature.This amazing site has the best replicas ever!


4. Cell Phone//Calling Cards: Well, this is relatively straight-forward. For anyone that actually follows this blog at all, I am on Skype now: shannonelizabeth09, and will soon be investing in a headset & mic so I can talk with folks overseas for $0. For other communication, I would think a cell phone (pay as you go, possibly?) or calling cards would be invaluable. If that doesn’t happen, hopefully everyone I know will be on Skype.

4.5 Mic & WebCam. This is newly added. To date, I have been using my handy Skype tool as Instant Messaging, but to actually get the full effect (using it as a phone) I think a headset/mic & webcam are probably necessary components. I’ll have to look into that one.

5. Hats/Umbrella. I currently own a mini umbrella that I find quite cute, but it’s a little purse umbrella so considering the rain I may be facing, a larger one may be needed (although I can probably get one overseas for next to nothing). More importantly, hats (cute ones, obviously) will be a good investment to keep my hair frizz-free and dry as I walk through the city. Anything that sufficiently covers my large head and is cute (again: white, black &/or grey are good colors) is a good bet.

That’s it — not a very long list (although I may add to it as I realize things that are necessary). Anything I can acquire before I head over will be exciting.



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